It is considered one of the main references of fingerstyle acoustic guitar teaching in Italy. He has held seminars and concerts with the most important names of the international acoustic guitar. In 2006 he founded the CentroStudiFingerstyle*, the first Italian centre of improvement for acoustic guitar with headquarters in Arezzo. He taught for 12 years at the Lizard in Fiesole and the Piedmontese branch (which he opened in 1996 and directed until 2005). Editorial consultant for the acoustic guitar for the publishing house Carisch until 2014, he collaborated with the specialised magazines of the sector “Axe” and “Guitars”. From 2005 to 2014 he was teaching coordinator of the AGM in Sarzana.

The Centrostudifingerstyle, founded and directed by Davide Mastrangelo, is a quality brand, which was born with the aim of spreading the culture of acoustic guitar through courses, seminars, publications. The main feature of the Centrostudifingerstyle is the specialization and therefore the deepening of the acoustic guitar instrument. It is the first teaching proposal, Italian, dedicated exclusively to this instrument, its world and the creativity linked to it. This commitment ensures that our users receive the maximum of information, professionalism and care for their training of future musicians, performers, composers and arrangers for acoustic guitar. The headquarters is in Arezzo.

Author of the following publications for acoustic guitar:

  • Traditional Irish Music for Fingerstyle Guitar with Duck Baker (book with CD attached) ed. Carisch
  • Fingerstyle Guitar Duets with Val Bonetti (book with CD attached) ed. Carisch
  • Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop with W. Mann (book with CD attached) ed. Carisch
  • Miniatures for Fingerstyle Guitar (book with attached CD) ed. Carisch
  • Creative Fingerstyle Guitar (book with CD attached) ed. Carisch.
  • and II Standards for Fingerstyle Guitar (books with attached CD) ed. Carisch
  • and II School of acoustic guitar with G. Unterberger (books with attached CD) ed. Universal – Ricordi